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On artificial grass
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First, the concept of artificial turf
The artificial turf is a kind of synthetic fiber which is like grass-like leaf, which is implanted on the woven base fabric, and the back is coated with a chemical product having natural grass motion performance as a fixed coating. Artificial imitation. The raw material of the real grass is mainly polypropylene, and it can also be made of polyvinyl chloride and polyamide. The leaves are green with grass-like leaves and UV absorbers are added.
Second, the comparison between natural and artificial turf
Artificial turf can be used 40% longer than natural turf, and the annual yield of artificial turf is relatively high, about 2.5 times that of natural turf. Compared with natural turf, the artificial turf has less maintenance and management costs and is simple to maintain. For sports venues, artificial turf has the advantage of maintenance management. It will not cause turf degradation due to climatic reasons, and the effect will be worse. There is no mud limit on the site. In the maintenance of artificial turf, there is no need for agricultural yao, and the application of chemical fertilizer is more environmentally friendly than a natural lawn. The artificial turf has better friction performance. In the sports field, the athletes fall more safely than the natural turf. It has a certain impact on the torsional impact, and the artificial turf has better shock absorption performance. This is also the artificial turf. Better than one aspect of natural turf.
Although artificial grass does not have the oxygen-making function of natural grass, it also has certain soil-fixing and sand-proof functions. It is not affected by the weather and has a long service life. Nowadays, artificial grass is getting better and better in performance and quality. In the long run, it will definitely be used more widely.
III. application and development prospect of artificial turf in landscape
When the utilization intensity is too high and the growth conditions are extremely unfavorable, the natural lawn is not easy to grow and is not suitable to be planted, the artificial lawn is a good choice. The main advantages of artificial turf compared with natural turf are as follows: it breaks the limitation of natural turf on climate; the maintenance cost is relatively low, so artificial turf can be selected in some countries and regions considering economic reasons; artificial turf can be selected in some indoor sites where natural turf cannot be planted. In addition, artificial turf has better advantages than natural turf in high-frequency and high-strength use, construction method, maintenance and application effect. Therefore, artificial turf will have more and more development space in the future with the progress of technology.
Fourth, the conclusion
People are working hard to upgrade the quality of artificial turf to the same as natural turf, even beyond natural turf. From the appearance, the artificial turf will be closer and closer to the natural grass. It can be said that it may be difficult to distinguish in the future development. Even from the overall and uniformity, it will be better than the natural grass, but it is inevitable that they are in the ecology. The difference in efficiency, the natural turf regulates the microclimate, and the ecological function of the modified environment is irreplaceable by artificial turf. However, with the development of artificial-natural turf integrated turf technology, artificial turf and natural turf will give full play to their respective advantages and complement each other. In combination with each other, artificial turf will have a broader development and market prospects.

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